Why I haven’t tweeted a while

It’s been more than 10 years since I joined Twitter. I even visited Twitter headquarters and met with its previous CEO Dick Costolo. That Twitter back then was very different from this Twitter, as it is today. I’m not talking only in terms of UI/UX, or the increase of tweets from 140 to 280, but the users of Twitter. As you all know, the most ubiquitous methods of communication in use today. There are so many changes that happened since I sent my last (yes, I deleted all of them while back then), especially the last few years. Now I’m mostly reading tweets not tweeting, and still, Twitter is for me one of the first places to get info and verify some news. Yes, there is a lot of fake news and trolls on Twitter as well, but some of them opposite. To verify the info, you have you go to Twitter. Here is a fact - American Twitter users may not know, but in a country like my hometown Turkey, you can even go to jail just because of your tweet. I’m not talking about revealing some special intelligence, but just giving out some daily things; if someone in a power doesn’t like it, you will end up in jail. I’m actually on-the-government’s-side kind of person, but this is a the fact. State's using Twitter as an operation perception worldwide. As I said, not just the government but also some other institutions and individuals. Nobody was aware of this type of tricks or using it on Twitter, but know even some teenagers can troll and affect the community on Twitter. The Turkish government banned all porn sites in Turkey, although you can still access them via a VPN, but most people don't know how to use it. That why most people upload and watch porn videos on Twitter, and yes, this is against Twitter rules, and once Twitter finds it out, they will shut down the account. Also escorts in Turkey (it's illegal to pay woman for sex) and the rest of the middle east use Twitter for their service and promoting themselves. Additionally, some bad dudes use Twitter for banking fraud, opening fake bank-related Twitter accounts and waiting for their victims to click the links and throw them to info. I don’t even remember how many such accounts I reported, and Twitter did close most of them and send Thank You notifications to me. Also looking at the things worldwide, people are very mean on Twitter, where nobody gives a shit about your feelings. Only commercial letters are written to a certain person. What about these tweets we send? Also, those who are asking for editable tweets, I just don’t understand them. This is against Twitter nature, plus I believe Twitter’s Read-Only policy. Also, Twitter makes people love writing again. Nowadays, people don’t write anymore, nor do they read books. But because of Twitter, people start to read and write more often. Even with all its dark sides, Twitter is still my favorite social media network.

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