What's In Your Backpack?

“I’m a professional homeless.” Actually, this term belongs to John O'Nolan, who is both a friend of mine and the founder of But I’m living on that same mindset. Everything that I own I can put in my backpack. I travel a lot, but I think “travel” is the not right word for it because I don’t see borders. I can go where I want to go and do my work there. It’s not like my life is a tourism type of travel. As a writer on the web and vlogger, I carry my backpack wherever I go to do my job. I bought my the north face backpack when I was in sophomore year at University, and since then, it has been nearly seven years. It’s still working fine; I’m so surprised with how well it’s holding up. I’ve been to so many different countries with this backpack and even went to the Air Force with it for mandatory military service. From college and work to travel and daily use, it does its job way more than it should. But now, I’m looking for a new backpack – slimmer and more minimalist, and maybe in a midnight green color to signify a new adventure. Many YouTubers regularly do “What is in my tech backpack?” videos, and even some news magazines invite famous DJs and other people to articles on the subject. So, as a digital nomad, I want it to write my own “What is In my nomad backpack?” for my last article of 2019. Inside the backpack, I carry my MacBook, hard drive, security keys, chargers, vlogging camera, Rode Wireless Go, cables, sunglasses, external batteries, iPad, my keys, Nintendo Switch Lite, my passport, Android phone, Peak design tripods, a novel, a small notebook, pens, headphones, SD cards, mini drone, travel converter, and water bottle. I usually carry my iPhone, Air Pods, TePe EasyPick (because I have braces on my teeth) and cardholder in my pocket. I know it may not sound minimalist, but it actually is because I only carry one of each, and these items are essential for me to survive. I mentioned in my earlier articles that I’m planning to buy a boat (even tho I like flying more than sailing, but because of the nature; we can't hang in the air forever, maybe in some other planet who knows. But for our planet in this case not possible.) boat in the next couple of years, so my boat will be my next backpack. I don’t know until what age though. I don’t want to settle in life; I don’t want to own land or be in debt; I want to go and explore the true nature.

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