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Yes, you read my title right. The web is bigger and better than an app. Here in this article, I'm not going to talk about developer perspective, more closely to from user's eye. For developers, web already one step further because of fast updating bugs etc. compared to apps. It was a huge flow when people meet with the app. Just like anything else people are overreacting it. They are starting to make an app for anything. Apps were all over the news. Apps start to save a life they start to control our homes, cars are heartbeats etc. But how many apps do you really use? Once I read on the news it says %70 of internet users on mobile. Yes, no surprise but %90 them using for the social network, not for actual internet things. To do a big search or do more complicated and real things they still go their computer. This is why iPad couldn't be the new computer. Because of the web still bigger than apps. Apps also crash more often than websites. Actually, for a while, I didn't see any website that crashes. But I see often iOS and Android apps getting crush unsecured or removing without warning from the store. But if you visit the from mobile. you can almost do the something with apps you do. With great JavaScript, most websites are more friendly than ever and fit all the devices. I remember, like 10 years ago the games I was playing on the web for free now kids this day need to download as an app and they need to pay $1.99. No make senses. I'm not saying apps are bad, I'm just saying before it is too late and complicated, we developers should more focus on the web. Make it things accessible to everyone for free.

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