We may be ready for Gen-Z, but are we prepared for Generation Alpha?

Generation Z - the most digitally connected age group according to the Pew Research Center. Those born between 1995-2012 are considered to be a member of Gen Z due to common key social, political, and technological circumstances. Research conducted in 2016 found that Gen Z uses media for an average of 10 hours a day, including messaging and social networks. This is the vulnerability point. It is also likely that the fun, open-minded and forward-thinking cities are those that not only appeal to the younger generation but draw the most talent and new business ideas. There are considerable differences between Gen Z and Generation Y. The most important and most unpleasant change is related to the mental health of Gen Z. What causes this? Arguably, our smartphones are the first thing to blame. In addition, Gen Z is becoming more vocal about their expectations for the future and refuse to settle for lifestyles that fail to meet their needs. So, when Gen Z takes over the cities they will look for government digitalization, digitalized social habits, internationalism, entrepreneurial spirit & innovation, connectivity/5G, digital payment & banking, digitalized mobility/sharing economy, and co-working spaces and esports. The big question is, are cities ready for it? Probably not, and the upcoming generation after Z will expect much more. Generation Alpha was born and raised in the digital world, and 97 percent of YouTube content is for or made by Generation Alpha. This generation, which closely follows the daily life of its peers, subscribes to the channels that produce fun videos in accordance with the trends of the day and watches videos of their favorite games. Generation Alpha will be the most formally educated generation ever, the most technology-supplied generation and also globally the wealthiest generation. All this tech advantage will bring a privacy conundrum. Privacy systems are already broken, and when it comes to kids we need to work on it more. Alpha Gen is growing up with tech and they are used to doing more than one job at a time. Attention spans are shorter. They have less respect for authority. However, Alpha Generation will be the most entrepreneurial generation as they can access information and resources earlier in life.

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