The Top Apps Which I Use Every Day

People across the world utilize smartphone apps on a daily basis, and I’m no different. In the 8 years that I’ve had an iPhone, I’ve benefitted from a ton of apps that have enhanced my experience. In fact, I’ve spent over $10,000 on apps for my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, and that’s because I value the brilliance of them. Without apps, all of those devices are very basic, right? Nowadays, you can find an app for literally anything, and they’re all designed to solve a problem. For instance, if you want to measure something just download Tape Measure, or if you’d like to store information securely, then you’d love 1Password. Moreover, if trying to source flight updates in real time, there’s a brilliant app called SkyGuru. Alternatively, if you want to record phone calls, similar to that of a customer service process, you could download TapeACall. Ultimately, there are millions of apps on the market, but it can be very challenging to discover one that is superb. Of course, there are the ratings and reviews to scan through, but it’s much better to try them out yourself. Just think of all the things you can do just from your smart device — pay your utility bill, transfer money between bank accounts, order food or buy airline tickets. When I was on an internship program at Twitter, the head of Software Engineering explained that the web is fading out, and the future is based around apps. Now, it makes sense, and let me tell you a quick story… There’s a very intelligent Turkish guy that I know, and he’s making money from apps even though he has no coding or design expertise whatsoever. He’s earning his millions by analyzing other people’s apps and providing them with improvements that they could make. Basically, he said that while everyone else is battling it out for gold, I’m selling the gold-making machine. Smart, eh!? Anyway, let’s move the focus back to the apps, and I want to discuss how they are going to progress as society advances. You see, 20 years ago things like radios were hugely popular, but now they’re old news. That’s because there are now things like Amazon Echo, which can play the radio, make a coffee, operate the lights, lock the doors and much, much more. What I’m trying to say, is that the same evolvement will occur with apps. It will most likely transition into virtual reality, with apps that show you where you’re going while you’re scrolling through social media. This will prevent people from strolling around like zombies with their head stuck in their phone. But, I’m assuming most apps will be developed with VR in mind. Moving on, there are also apps which are optimized for certain countries. For example, I’m based in Turkey, and there’s an app called e-Devlet which is superb. It allows me to keep on top of my paperwork, tax returns, the military status and plenty more. However, I’ll delve into that more in another post. All in all, don’t develop an app what people need, develop an app what makes sense you to you. After all, Steve Jobs once said — “People don’t know what they need unless you give it to them.” Just to recap, here are my favorite apps: Credit Carma Gyroscope Assistant Dropbox 1Password GP Guide Meteor Buffer Plus, here are the best extras in my opinion: Globe Convert Meetup Redacted Colordrop Retouch

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