Texans' breakfast culture is the best!

As a Turk our breakfast is very famous in its own right. It has so many different cheeses, meats, and other delicious foods but I really don’t like it. Maybe it’s the way the food is prepared or cooked, and I find it very heavy. I usually eat Swiss muesli or smoothie in the morning. But my favorite breakfast is Texas breakfast. By now, you’ve heard these two most famous sentences about Texas: Houston, we have a problem and everything is bigger in Texas. I can confirm, yes, this is so true, especially for breakfast. I loved a Texan’s breakfast while I lived in Texas for nearly five years. Texas is a multi-cultural state. It has delicious food from so many different cultures. We all know Texas is famous for steak and Mexican food. But let’s talk specifically Texan’s original breakfast culture because Texas' own breakfast is on another level. I have a couple of favorite Texas breakfast spots. The first one is “Breakfast Club”, and they have very tasty chicken and waffles with strawberries. The second is Chick-fil-A; their breakfast menu has chicken biscuits with Chick-fil-A Waffle Potato Fries. Also, I love hash browns and I love to see them on my breakfast plate; I think it’s the most delicious way to cook potatoes. Since we are talking about hash browns, another great spot for breakfast is the “Waffle House.” Surprisingly, the Waffle House is not so good with waffles, but their avocado scrambled eggs with French toast and hash browns are so damn good. And my last unique spot in Houston is “Eatsie Boys”. You can try their burgers for breakfast; you won’t regret it. Finally, I really like the Argentinian kitchen. In Houston, there were many Argentinians and places for Argentinian food. I love their breakfast, especially one place on the Southwest Freeway. It’s called “Argentina Café.” Their breakfast empanadas are so very delicious. Also, Argentina’s steaks and the way they are cooked are famous worldwide; they named this style Asado. I would like to visit Argentina one day.

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