Read differently: Laterally

Most users on the internet spent 4 seconds average on a new web page they visit. So web-creators, have only 4 seconds to catch users/readers to keep on the site. Most users reading webpages like they are reading a book.

We start to read from the top of the page and look at the title and scroll down from there. So we read vertically. Many websites design in this way, skilled designers and developers palpable know that. We should tell our visitors what we want them to know.

Giving too many words doesn’t add anything but confusion. Don’t forget, you can explain more with fewer words. Don’t make any mistakes on references and citations, grammatical errors, or typos.

While reading on a website vertical we should add another strategy into our reading, such as look else for additional information for fast-checking. When we read on the internet, we ‘must’ open a new tab to verify that info ourselves, don’t hesitate to open a new tab while reading. I know to sound like a journalist job, but there is a word called ‘volunteer journalist’ so you can bee your own journalist. So keep opened a new page while reading on the internet.

Reading this way call lateral reading. It’s called lateral because, instead of moving up and down, you’re moving from tab to another tab. So the idea is let say you are reading a web page about YouTube's benefits on education and business. When you are reading it you find out there is recent research or pool about it, so click that link or you make your own research on google about Youtube's benefits to just verify this information. So basically the idea of lateral reading gives info of who is behind this news and how true is this. You should know where to go when you open the next tab.

You may wonder where I should go when you open a new tab. First places to go trusted newspapers-websites, organization, or authors. They are not absolutely perfect but good places to start. But don’t forget they mostly have a point of view, so the more you visit is better to understand. Fast-checking websites are good places to visit they are founded by researchers and journalists but the fact is they also created by humans.

Designed perfect websites also help users to trust the news. Website layout, numbers of content on the site, or if it's linked to other sites if sites have secured URL and nice-trusted looking pictures. But don't let all this to stopping for lateral reading.

There is no single source on the internet and there's no secret way to understand the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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