My Times at NASA

2012 was my first year in America. In Houston, Texas, where I came for a bachelor’s degree, my home was 15 minutes from NASA. Since Texas is mightily large, if you want to go somewhere with your own car, you have to drive for at least 30 minutes, so compared to that -15 minutes is a very good distance. I was fortunate enough to spend my time at NASA on weekends and on weekdays after class. There was YouTube back then, but there was not such a thing as 'YouTubers or Content Creators' yet. (By the way, I shoot my first YouTube video in 2006). But I’m was not really into becoming a YouTuber for sure I want to make, produce and direct a video for a living. But even after years later when I move to Hollywood my friend always hustling on me to make me become YouTuber. But I want to be a guy who makes people YouTubers. So, my plans were different.

Let’s get back to NASA, towards 2013, I met with Turkish guys which are he is way older than me. He is one of the Turks working at NASA and is at the head of a very important project. I want to pass a footnote here. Only 20% of NASA employees are actual NASA employees. The remaining part is the institutions that outsource NASA, which we call subcontractors. There are many Turks working this way, but this person was one of the 5-6 Turks directly working for NASA as a government employee. It was great moments and I learn a lot there, but there is not much I can share because of NDA. As a journalist I couldn’t document anything, I was there because my friends work there, and he let this to happen and I’m very thankful to him.

Do you remember Vine? Behold, this is a 6 seconds video shared application. When first came out, I joined as a test user. In fact, I took one of my first videos with the zoo owner BigCatDerek, who shared his videos on YouTube with tigers and lions in Dallas. My page went viral, my other videos were getting a lot of attention and there were a lot of comments about I should continue. I did not want to so I stop for the same reason, I want to be creator and producer for others.

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