'Merica has no history. They are busy with writing one.

Who says America doesn’t have a history? First of all, we do have a history. I said “we” because there is a saying in America that, if you live in the US for more than 5 years you can call yourself an American. I have lived in America for almost 7 years so I can call my self Turkish-American. Let me get back to it, yes America has a history and it’s as you guys guessed a good one! It may not have been history like the Europeans hounds’ years history with victories, sickness, and other things but let's look at the bigger picture. America is busy with making history. This is one of the other reasons among many others why I choose to move to the U.S. back then. I want to be part of the new empire history and enjoy the empire of power, otherwise known as the American dream. It is because my origin country is not an Empire anymore as-well as doesn’t have wisdom. Most people on the street “talk” about how grateful they were and trying to be proud of that. How funny is that? They are proud of something they didn’t do. I ask many Europeans I meet or even my country people- “What do you do? You weren’t one of them who was living in that empire with a great history.I will never be winnowed; to be thrown into the air again ever in my life. This is what I promised myself. I lost my way. What I’m actually trying to say is, most people don’t’ know where the goal or target in their life is. People from the age of 13, 30, or even 40 don’t know what their life expiration is or what they are going to do with their life. When I was 13, I already planned and set up my goals. Yes, I had that vision to do that. There is some certain thing in life that can’t go the way you want it and I understand that. Sometimes plans can’t work the way you expect it or you feel like you aren’t growing anymore. Most people don’t even realize this. They just accept it how it is and keep living as if this is what you call 'living'. So at that moment, you need to take action. If the life you are living at the moment doesn't seem to add any more value to your self, it is time to go somewhere else and start searching for something better. Go out of your comfort zone.

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