I come too far to look back

I think I was in my third year of high school when I went to watch a movie with my friends; the movie name was Up in the Air. It was my first George Clooney movie and I didn’t know who either Clooney or Zach Galifianakis was at the time. Nor did I know at that time that six years later I was going to meet Clooney and Galifianakis. I met Clooney while I was in line to get my coffee at the Blue Bottle in Santa Monica, and I met Galifianakis on Hollywood Boulevard, which was where was my home was. But let’s get back to the story. I was sixteen or seventeen when I watched that movie, and I was dreaming of moving to the United States of America and this movie makes me want it more. If someone had told me I would end up in Los Angeles and meet this superstar while getting coffee I would have laughed at them. I did realize my dream, right after I graduated from high school when I moved to Houston to study for my bachelor’s degree. So now I’m dreaming about making my own movie with those stars or other actors. But now, instead of laughing, I can say -why not? In that movie, Vera Farmiga, the female lead, was sitting at the bar playing with her Blackberry, and Clooney started a conversation with her about credit card benefits, and which card is better than the others. That conversation closes with them showing each other their cool credit cards. So, when it was Clooney’s turn to show his cards, it was amazing; he even showed her an American Airlines’ frequent flier mileage card. When Farmiga sees that card, she was so incredibly impressed! She even slept with him after that - lol. Although, maybe it was because he is George Clooney, after all. So, when Farmiga is holding the card she says, “This is so heavy.” And Clooney replies with, “Yes, because there are so many miles on it.I loved that joke! And Clooney also owned the American Express platinum card. This card is very highly privileged and has no spending limit. Fast-forward several years now. I had moved to Hollywood, and I was working as an intern video editor and part-time journalist. And at that time I had a very high credit score. And as you guys are guessing right now, I got an American Express credit card. It comes with benefits like Hilton Gold membership status, Business Class upgrades on flights, and all kinds of other stuff. And yes, that was the same card Clooney showed in that movie. Even today they make the card from metal, so when I hand it over to cashiers, they often remark that the card is heavy. And my response isYeah because it has a lot of money on it.It was Clooney’s joke and it worked! I picked up that girl; it was like I was living in that movie I had watched a long time ago while I was in high school in Turkey. I have come a very long way from those days, and sometimes I want to look back to remember where I came from, but I also realize I come too far to look back. In California, I also visited several big entertainment companies and studios, including Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures and more. So, when I was taking a VIP tour of Paramount Pictures the tour director was talking about previous movies and showing us the storage areas where they are holding props and other items from old movies. Guess what? All the stuff they used from the Up in the Air movie were there. Even Clooney’s credit cards, signs from his desk, and other things. It was such an emotional time. I asked them if I could purchase some of the stuff, but they said it’s not for sale, even I offered them way more than what it's worth. When I was in high school, I also read a lot of Jack Kerouac books. Of course, the most impressive one was On the Road. When I was living in Cali, I went to places where Jack Kerouac went; I tried to follow his soul. I even visited Kerouac’s favorite breakfast place to call Joyce's Coffee Shop and Restaurant. This diner opened in 1955 and has historical significance. and I tried Jack’s favorite homestyle American breakfast.

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