How we got smart?

I have most of my ideas right before falling asleep when I'm in a half-sleep state, which is one of the reasons I have such a hard time falling asleep in the first place. My mind is always racing with ideas exactly at the time I should be sleeping, of course. This time, I had a question in my mind, “Why us?” I mean why we are smarter than other animals since human is biologically an animal too, why we are smarter than them? How we get this genetic? There are two featured DNAs in our body, one of them is called 2n543, which helps us talk, and the other one assists us in standing on our two feet. Have you wondered why we, the humans, have developed this, and not the dolphins, monkeys, dogs, or pitons? Maybe because we were the most suitable for this DNA, or we were just lucky, or somebody gave it to us (you can say God). Another scenario that I start to think is, “Did we just come from a different planet, or did this DNA come from a different planet?” As we all know, our planet has been exposed to meteorite attacks and sun dust. Could it prove that some DNA has been delivered this way? Another more relevant scenario is that of the Anunnaki and the White Powder of Gold (ORME—Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements)/Monoatomic Gold, and this is very deep; I don't see any difference between this story than like religions. I felt like sometimes we are living in a huge zoo, and we are providing energy to unknown bosses (or Gods). Our brain works up to a point. It doesn’t go further than that. Like dogs, they understand us, they listen to us when we give them commands—they do—but they don’t think any further. They can see what is around them, but they don’t understand. Maybe it’s the same for us about understanding our planet. Maybe everything is so clear and understandable, it’s right there, but because our mind has not been developed enough yet, we don’t understand what is going on. They put this brain or DNA into our bodies that are made from meat and bone for their own salvation, or we serve them without knowing what we are serving for. As I mentioned earlier, because our brain is still developing, we don’t have that knowledge yet.

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