How to stay sane during COVID-19 home isolation with YouTube

Maybe you are aware, I am a self-learning person, and my biggest source to go is YouTube videos along with taking classes, not in my degree plan. Yes, YouTube is the new university! I will teach you in this article how to stay sane during COVID-19 home isolation and how to add YouTube to your daily routine. First, don’t eat too much. Most people say that it doesn’t matter how much they eat, they still feel hungry. This is not because you are hungry, it’s because you are emotionally hungry. So instead of eating junk food, open YouTube and start learning new skills. Improve yourself for your career so when you get back to work you will have more amazing skills and you may even raise your salary. Start to learn a new language, how to use Photoshop better, or adopt your self to learning new computer languages such as JavaScript. You can also learn how to fix your iPhone or other things on YouTube. Check out Vox YouTube channel and learn about borders or other historical-political information. Take a look also CNBC, YouTube channel, watch “The Rise of Sourdough,” or “Who Makes Money from Private Prisons?”. You can even become a YouTuber; by using your own amazing vision and creativity to produce great videos. You can learn to make all this by watching YouTube. You can learn on YouTube and you will earn on YouTube. Isn’t it a great system? Still, if you don’t know how to get started on YouTube, you now have the option to get a consultation and you can keep in touch with YouTubist.Co. It’s the world’s first YouTube-based start-up. I remember when I uploaded my first video on YouTube—I think it was 2005 or 2006—and later on, I uploaded a video of a Turkish television icon, entrepreneur, international TV producer. I used a clickbait title. Back then, clickbait wasn’t even a thing. There was no hashtag or anything, and that video got over 10 million views in total and is still on the go. But yes, also I forgot that Gmail account password. I couldn’t even sign in again. I tried everything, and Google didn’t help me. So, it’s just sitting right there, and nobody can even sign in. We have YouTube and it is free and ready to teach you pretty much everything you want to know about every topic you can imagine. You just have to search for it. At least at this point in the digital age, schools have a completely outdated way of teaching and preparing young people for their professional careers. We see this especially on days where students are at home because of COVID-19 precautions. Most universities and schools around the world now are turning to online classes. Unfortunately, most universities and schools weren’t prepared for this worldwide. Some countries are doing okay, other countries are totally *ucked up. Even countries like the U.S. I believe alternative-learning scenarios not bound to the rules of traditional education will only continue to become more powerful. It might not replace a school, but it’s my way of contributing a tiny bit to a system that is slowly changing. And don’t social distance—just do the physical distance part and open a YouTube channel.

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