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You probably hear this fancy word call influencer by now. Before it is was a thing, I was one of the first 'Influencer' on the internet. In 2013 I joined the Spotify Campus Influencer program. Yes, before Instagram, Spotify was using that word. Now here is a new thing call 'Micro-Influencers.' To become a Micro-Influencers, you don't need to have millions of followers. With elite thirty or forty thousand followers, you can get the attention of big companies, and with that, you can turn your account to business. You may even quit your job and go on Instagram full-time. As brands start to realize that it's harder and harder to reach certain people, that influencers are going to be that kind of golden egg that allows that kind of scale, big, big audience while also coming across in a way that people are going to consume it. Anyone can be a micro-influencer if the people who are following them really care about what they're saying. Research from Activate found that smaller-tier, more accessible influencers are a top choice for marketers – they enable brands to tap into niche communities and offer superior engagement rates. Surveying over 110 brand marketers, PR professionals, social media managers, and agency executives, we found that 64 percent of marketers are choosing to utilize micro-influencers very often, as opposed to larger creators, mega influencers and celebrities. We also found that more than 44 percent of marketers are repurposing influencer-created content following a sponsorship, a practice that extends the ROI of an influencer campaign and can help startups attain valuable visual assets for future marketing use. So, we are not talking about fake followers here. Don't do counterfeit followers because you will have inactive followers, and you will not be reputable. We are talking about organic followers, and now we dig more in-depth on how to get those Instagram followers! This is obvious and classic to most of you, but I must say it -use hashtags! This is the number one rule on Instagram. If you want your post to be seeing as many people, you must use those hashtags. But don't add anything is it's not relative with the post. Also, grid feed consistency very important. So, make sure that your page has a theme to it. People can know what to expect from you. For example, if you are page is about food, keep adding food pictures from different places and restaurants. Make sure your page overly saturated with that topic. It is also important to keep colors scheme, subject matter, and copy in mind with your post. Don't do something that's like, -here is dog picture, and here's a car picture because people won't know what to expect from you, and that will ruin your brand. So, stay in brand, and that sticks with even your colors, to your photographs, to everything that you post, make sure it's the same and consistent. Posting time is a key moment; you must know your audience when they are checking Instagram, so if you have a business account or personal account, go into the insides tab at the top, and you can see the optimal time for you to post your photos. What I would suggest is that you post the photo 10 minutes before the optimal time. This way, we can make sure you're your followers will see your post in primetime! Another key is Shootouts for shootouts; this means if two people have the same concept and want to engage each other followers, they'll post each other photos on their story, or they can do some sort of collaboration. This works very perfectly if you contact people in your niche or your industry. Commenting on other relative posts out there is our last key I can recommend because Instagram is going to lump you together with these different accounts and this will help you the end up on the explored page faster.

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