Getting Boring -- Keep Us Awake!

The day you read this article, try not to do anything. Get off of the internet; turn off all electrical appliances and lights at home. If you have to go somewhere, don't use motor vehicles, try to walk or use a bicycle. Don't buy anything. Don't speak with anybody; be alone for just one day. Stop all your activities… stop. Take a deep breath… and GET BORED. In order to avoid even a second of your stitch, you can test the empty space inside of you, to be able to attract all external signals. Allowing yourself to become bored will help your creativity. Feeling boring means to become aware of the fact that you realize that you are not satisfied with your current conditions. All of our lives were designed to avoid these disturbing feelings and thoughts. We shouldn't always try to do "something" and waste our valuable time. Besides that, we should do nothing, so we can think about something new, or just let our brain relax so it can create the 'next big thing.' I guess somebody… somewhere on our planet doesn't want us to think the way we were meant to; this is why they are always keeping us busy with worldly things, such as football, social media, superstars, or new gadgets. This will keep our mouth and brain not fully functional for new thoughts and ideas. But imagine being far away from all these distractions. Your mind will start to work at full performance; that will make you the genius. This school of thought is also related to minimalism. I'm very much a minimalist; I live a minimalist lifestyle. What is minimalism anyway? The meaning of minimalism derives from the French word "minim." Minimalism is a philosophy. The power of focus is believed to "be free from unnecessary things in your life." If you can fit your life in a backpack, you've reached the end of minimalism. Just like Plato says: "The important thing is not to have the most things in life, but to need the least things." I believe that less is better. Doing nothing is a "less" thing, and is always more valuable. What do I mean? Look at those famous most expensive brands, like Supreme, Luis Vuitton, and Tag Heuer. Why do they cost so much? Because they make less of their product. Almost every product they make is unique; this makes them special; expensive, magnificent, and unique. For example, a Louis Vuitton x Supreme jacket costs around $15,000. Why? Because not allowing the over-production of those jackets makes them, and of course, brand, precious. Burberry destroyed more than $30M of its fashion and cosmetic products over the past year to guard against counterfeiting. Why did they do that? Because luxury retailers are believed to destroy unsold products to protect their intellectual property and brand value. Less brings more value. You can integrate this into your life. Having fewer "things" will make your life more valuable and more comfortable. You will save time, money, space, and you will be freed up to learn more about the things you do have. You will spend more time with them, and enjoy them more. For example, if you have only one camera, of course, you will keep using it, because it's the only one you have. Every time you use it, you will learn all of the ins and outs of your single camera. All the technical details and set-ups; the right angle to hold it at… and much more. This is true for everything. If you have four cars, you can't get to know each car's character in the same way as if you had only 1. What it boils down to is that we are a tiny part of this vast planet. Live simple. Omnia mea mecum porta.

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