Fortnite 3 & Remote Working: 2020 Pandemic Edition

Has your company asked you to work from home during the pandemic? Many of us are now working from home, but are we really working from home, or are we simply bringing our work back home?

People often get the two mixed up. While they might sound like the same thing, there’s a difference. Remote working is not the same as bringing work home, which is what the majority of people are doing during this pandemic.

In the beginning, the idea of working from home sounded exciting—no more long commutes, no more dressing smart, no more boring meetings, etc. I’m sure many of us were jumping for joy at the thought of no more meetings! Working from home comes with its own set of challenges: kids, pets, anything that can distract you from your work. It’s not easy to stay focused! I’ve noticed on social media that people are missing their old work environments. I’m not sure about you, but since working from home, there are even more meetings to attend (albeit virtually).

Being a digital nomad, I’ve worked in a variety of environments. At home, in the outdoors, at rented office spaces such as Kolektif House and WeWork, plus others. I can say with certainty that working from home doesn’t feel the same as working in an office, and not in a good way. The novelty has worn off for most people, and as odd as it sounds, some of us can’t wait to get back in the office!

Let’s take a look at gaming because people’s appetite for it has increased as we’ve spent more and more time indoors. Gaming is more than just playing games; it’s a platform and even an entire ecosystem that people want to be an active part of. Just look at what happened in April when Travis Scott hosted a Fortnite Live Virtual Concert; over 12.3 million players joined, which is simply nuts!

Gaming isn’t just something to do to pass the time. It’s something that makes people feel good. Did you know that it activates an area of the brain that’s responsible for pleasure (through dopamine and serotonin), called the nucleus accumbens? When we’re feeling stressed or a little down, we turn to gaming for relief. This has been especially true during the lockdown, as our stress levels have increased in isolation.

Don’t take my word for it—the proof is in the numbers. Digital game downloads shot up over 180% globally during the lockdown, and Steam saw a record of 23.8 million players playing simultaneously online. This all links in with mental health, which is an important topic, especially right now. Gaming can provide people with a purpose and connect us together during troubling times.

There’s good news for Fortnite lovers! Season 3 has just arrived, and there’s plenty of new content to discover. There are lots of new legendary items to try out, and similarly to last season, they’re dropped by related boss characters.

There are also some new skin options, such as Masked for the Fade skin, which you’ll earn when you reach level 100. Get to the end of the Battle Pass, and you’ll get the Eternal Knight skin, which comes with a bunch of swords and armor. As you spend more time leveling up, further customizations become available. These are just a couple of things I’ve found so far, but I’m sure players will find even more as they play for themselves!

During these difficult times, gaming is a great way to connect with others and reduce stress, but we must remember to keep creating. Try your best to consume less and create more!

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