Busyness Isn’t All That

Don't glamorize busyness. Being busy or showing your WhatsApp status as busy doesn’t make you an important or cool person. So, why do we keep repeating how busy we are when the message is largely pointless? Because being busy has become the modern-day status symbol. Being busy means we’re doing many things. That we have a full life. That our time is precious. In short, it says, “I’m important,” but it’s okay to adjourn or procrastinate things. When you meet people, they often want to show they have a busy life. A full calendar means I'm doing something right, right? The truth is, if you're busy, you never live. Only your presence is there. Being able to switch between focus and imagination is one of the most nuanced skills that are undermined by hard work. We can burnout with busyness. The good news is that this habit of being overly busy is not tattooed to your skin or written in your DNA – it can be changed. Changing your story can change your life. Busyness and multitasking make it difficult for us to filter out trivial information, organize our thoughts, and reduce the effectiveness and quality of our business. So, don’t let this happen and don’t keep yourself busy with gimmick wreckage. Counterintuitive busy is an expression used by losers. I say this because you can use "busy" as an excuse for everything. Also, I always say, when you're busy, time passes too quickly, and I want time to go slow. So, I just say yes to what's important to me. All you have to do is slow down, stop being busy or stop acting like you are busy, remember important things and live a conscious life. I was living life very fast, with so many things to do in just one single day. I felt like I was in a video game, especially when I was in the US. Life keeps you super busy and you have limited time to do your things, so this is another reason why I chose to leave the US. and to return to my hometown. My next goal is to buy a boat and live a busy-free nomad life.

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