Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular review

As technology evolves, the competition within the industry increases. You see, when I had my first-generation Apple watch, it was evident that Apple still had a long way to go. Now, as the competition rises, Apple has continuously stepped up their game. Despite the fact that they take their time to release their products when they do, they do it best. The first-generation was something new for me — I was new to the modern trend. I have always been a classic man, with an eye for traditional watches to go around my wrist. So, I wasn’t eager to transition into smartwatches. Why would I want to charge my watch? It already frustrates me when I need to charge my iPhone all the time. Plus, the battery quality on the first-generation was seriously lacking. Can you imagine charging your smartwatch all morning, and by the night time, it’s completely dead? You have an apple product, but you can’t even utilize FaceTime video calling, or communicate effectively with standard voice calling? These things meant my first impression of the Apple smartwatch range wasn’t a positive one, and that pushed me into loving the Garmin Viva 3. Moving on, due to my unsatisfactory experience previously, I avoided purchasing the second-generation but decided to give the third-generation a chance to alter my view on Apple smartwatches. After using the watch for some time, I’m now in a position to provide you with an in-depth review of the Apple Watch Series 3… Music Essentially, I now have an iPod on my wrist! Apple Watches could always store music, but they were bad at it; syncing music from a cloud-based Apple Music account was always a time-consuming ordeal. Most other smartwatches are the same. But, with WatchOS 4, you can now automatically sync music, which is a huge difference. After charging the watch through the night with music syncing in the process, I was delighted to find that it had been completed by the time I woke up. Although, it’s effectively an Apple Music-only proposition. Your iTunes library is always available to you but requires some technical knowledge, so the only option is to sign up for Apple Music. Hopefully one day a Spotify feature will be added, then they’ll be on another level! Battery Life Like I’ve already mentioned, Apple watches used to have appalling battery quality. However, fortunately, Apple seemed to have solved that issue. Without using the LTE feature, I was able to use it for 3 days without having to charge it again, which is a fantastic improvement. In addition, they’ve also made charging more convenient; with the AirPower product, you can charge your iPhone, Watch, and AirPod at the same time, which makes a massive difference. Design Being a classic man, I like to use different styles of watches in different scenarios, such as going out for dinner with friends or jogging in the morning. So, it’s brilliant that you can easily and quickly switch the band to create a whole different appearance. Oh, and you can also use bands that you’ve previously purchased, as I was able to use a band that I bought for $200 back when I had the first-generation version. Apps There are so many more apps that are compatible with the Apple Watch these days. But, unfortunately, one of my favorite apps — Gyroscope — still hasn’t been made available on the smartwatch. Additionally, I love how you can have notifications pop up on your wrist, but Apple still needs to make some amendments. For instance, if I read a message that comes through on WhatsApp, the other person won’t see that I’ve read it. Calling Finally, the biggest enhancement that has been included with the Apple Watch Series 3 is the cellular option. The battery life improvements come in at a close second, but the ability to make phone calls with your watch is a huge selling point. Also, the quality is crystal-clear, so if I go for a coffee and leave my iPhone at home, I can still receive and make calls perfectly. Furthermore, it’s really simple to just reply to a message, and for all of the above, it added just a small $10 to my existing plan. CONS… LTE — I’m on the Vodafone network here in Turkey, and there is no cellular support for it GymKit — As this is a brand-new feature, it isn’t available in Turkey Apple Pay — I’m still not able to utilize the Apple Pay function here in Turkey.

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